iCampsites USB Edition is the USB, multi-platform and easy to use alternative to iCampsites currently available to apple only users via the AppStore. iCampsites USB will allow users to access the same large database (4500+ entries as of writing) that has been used by previous iCampsite applications.

As of late June/July we had been developing application to fit on a USB key for ease of use, however we went through no less than three developers and in the end we settled with our currently developer who has been programming for us now for the last three months. We are in the final stages of development with regular builds flowing in for all platforms.

Main features of iCampsites USB:

  • Search by filter – find a campsite based on your needs and requirements.
  • Search by region.
  • Search by country.
  • Search by verified and visited.
  • Search by suitable for RV’s.

The application is able to take your input of a search and relay results based on these inputs in a simple easy to read format.
Searchable Campsite Types:

  • Certificated Locations (CL).
  • Certificated Sites (CS).
  • Independent sites.
  • Camping and Caravanning Club (CCC).
  • Caravan Club (CC).
  • Aire De Service.
  • Aree Di Sosta.
  • Camping Cheques Campsite.
  • France Passion.
  • Municipal Campsite
  • Stellplatz.
  • Motorhome Friendly Parking Place.
  • Pub Stopovers.
  • Wild Camping Spots.

iCampsites USB also shows additional comments and reviews by people who have visited the site and experienced it themselves. Each additional review has a rating, 1-10 in starts to show how the site has kept and any other feedback.

iCampsites has a built in campsite review tool, where you can add your own reviews and also add new campsites to the database.
Screenshots of the application: