portable campsite databases for iphone ipad ipod and USB

Mobile campsite databases for iOS, Linux, Windows & OSX.

Database Replacement Walk Through

This walkthrough will guide you through the process of replacing the database file on your iCampsites USB Key.

If you get the “” error this will be applicable to you.

Step 1:

Make sure that iCampsites is not running and that the USB key is disconnected (i.e. not plugged in).

First up you will need to download the ZIP file below.

http://www.mobilecampsites.com/databases/icampsites-database-29-03-2012.zip (36mb as a ZIP file – containing an encrypted copy of the database which iCampsites USB only will be able to read).
Download time: 22 minutes @ 256Kbit, 6 minutes @ 1Mbit and 46 seconds on 8Mbit.

Whilst waiting insert your iCampsites USB Key into an avalable USB Port on your Computer.

Step 2:

After downloading the ZIP file you will need to right click on it and click on “Extract All”.


Now the database file will be in a new folder (navigate your way into it).

Step 3:

Now copy “iCampsites.data” by right clicking on the file and selecting “Copy”.

This will copy the database file to your clipboard, next navigate your way to your iCampsites USB Key (done by clicking on the Start Menu or Using the Windows button on the bottom left and click on My Computer or Computer then double click on iCampsites USB).

Step 4:

Once in iCampsites USB locate the database folder and open it (double click) and right click in the white space (background/free space) and click “Paste”.

Immediately after clicking paste Windows will ask you whether you want to replace the file or not, click on “Copy and Replace”.

Wait for it complete the copy action before removing the key or using the application.

All done.

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Submitting Campsite Reviews – Delay between adding the new review and it being avaliable as an update

When submitting a new campsite review the review entry is first uploaded to our approval queue, this is done only when updating (i.e. clicking on Update).

Once in our approval queue the entry will be checked and finally approved assuming the entry gains approval.

Once approved it will be available as an update soon after.

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“Scan or Fix Now” Message

If this message is displayed its best to leave it and click on “Continue when scanning”.

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How do I update the database?

To update the database (not the application) you will need to do the following steps.

1. From the home screen (with the map and sea) click on Settings.

2. Then click on Connectivity at the top.

3. And set the Update From Date from when the Database was last updated (14 of March 2011), once done for the first time it will remember  it was updated and will automaticall pick-up where it left off from.

Do note depending on number of updates and connection it may take a few minutes.

You will also need to restart the application to reload the new database.



iCampsites USB Now in Stock!

After over 12 months of design, testing, coding and manufacturing we now have the iCampsites USB keys in stock!

should cover the back orders!

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iCampsites USB Expected Delivery Date

Its been a long time as I’m sure you will all agree, its been a just over year now since we put an idea to practice and planning (and testing!).

We have been given a delivery date by our Manufacturer for early next week, factoring in the bank holiday (Monday) we’re expecting them in on the 1st of June.

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No Maps Showing

When running Windows the Mapping is unavailable or missing.

This is because your PC is more than likely missing the standalone Flash Player Plugin.

To install Flash Player go to the Adobe Flash Player website below.


To select the standalone version, select your operating system (in this case your Windows version), and in the menu below select the version labelled “For Other Browsers”.

Click Download and install as normal.

We recomend restarting your computer before trying to run the iCampsites Application.


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Help Category Added

This category will provide a FAQ-like list of posts with information to common problems or guides on how to use the software.

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Twitter Updates for 2011-05-13

  • RT @christm3: RT @KCTODAYFM: "I turned my phone onto "Airplane mode" and threw it up into the air. Worst. Transformer. Ever." QOTD? #

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Twitter Updates for 2011-05-13

  • RT @christm3: RT @KCTODAYFM: "I turned my phone onto "Airplane mode" and threw it up into the air. Worst. Transformer. Ever." QOTD? #

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