Today (15th September) we have pushed iCampsites HD onto the App store, its status is currently awaiting review. Apple will thoroughly check the App for any problems and we have every confidence it should be ready for release within the next few days (as in our experience it takes roughly 3 days for it to be approved). Once approved we will announce it here again with more details for you to read.

In the meantime here are some of the features of iCampsites HD:

  • iCampsites HD takes advantage of the iPads greater screen resolution and the iPads substantially larger form factor by having improved graphics as well as landscape and portrait modes.
  • The interface has been revamped with the iPad in mind promising improved usability and greater detail.
  • Split screen campsite details and reviews (50:50) making use of the large touch screen on the iPad.

We also have screenshots to feast your eyes on below: