This guide will show you how to install iCampsites Android onto an Android Phone/Device using the downloaded APK file from Outdoor Bits, not via the Market. This guide was written and tested with a Samsung Galaxy S2 and Windows 7 however the concept is the same for most Android Phones and operating systems.

What you will need:

  • Your Android Phone.
  • USB Cable.
  • The APK file from Outdoor Bits.
  • A file browser app on your phone.

Step by step:

  1. Firstly enable support for installation of applications from Unknown Sources (Settings > Applications and tick Unknown Sources).
  2. Plug in the USB cable into your phone and into a free USB port into your computer.
  3. Depending on Device you may have a screen on your phone asking whether you wish to use the device as a Disk Drive or Sync or Charge Only – you will need to use Disk Drive.
  4. Once you have connected the device proceed to windows explorer or My Computer (CTRL + E as a shortcut) or your operating system equivalent. Locate your device, it may just appear as a removable drive/disk or as your phone name.Samsung Galaxy S2 in Windows Explorer
  5. Once you have found your device, double click on the icon and proceed to look for the Camera folder (where you photo’s are stored when you take pictures using the phones built in camera). Depending on device you may find that the location can be different. For example on the Samsung Galaxy S2 the pictures are stored under Phone then DCIM/Camera/.
  6. After locating the folder for your images you will need to copy the iCampsites android APK file to that folder.
  7. Once the APK file has been copied you will need to open your file browser on your phone, I will be using the standard Samsung Galaxy file browser however there are several free alternatives if your device doesn’t come with one as standard including Astro file browser.
  8. In your file browser locate the camera directory as above.
  9. Once you have navigated your way into the camera directory you will be able to find the iCampsites APK file.
  10. Tap on the APK file for iCampsites and proceed with the installation, which is guided for you by phone.