Less than 3 months after the initial release we have finally finished the first update release for iCampsites USB.

All three versions including Mac, Windows and Linux are available to download using the updater (which will run automatically and will prompt you to update iCampsites USB when convenient).

A guide will follow in the coming days.

Change log:

1. BUGFIX: Clicking on the county of Rutland in offline mode gives no results, clicking on the county of Rutland in online mode (google mapping) shows a map of Rutland in the USA and not Rutland in the UK

2. BUGFIX: Clicking on the France map and then on the region “Haute Normandie” shows a map of a region to the east of Strasbourg, in offline mode it shows 0 results

3. BUGFIX: Free text search for campsite name in search by filter produces incorrect results

4. ADDON: Combined Belgium regions as online database only supports Belgium country.

5. ADDON: “Update from” date set in Settings->Connectivity is now set to the date of last update

6. ADDON: Changed the google map icons to be different colours / different icons for the different types of sites. Added an “Icon Key” Button which if the user presses it will show a small popup window with the different icon colours and what each icon represents.

7. ADDON: Added a popup message when user closes the app to say “Please wait…. Checking if new version of iCampsites is available”.

8. ADDON: Added a warning message when the user clicks on the Update button to say the following: “Please do not disconnect iCampsites USB Key from your computer during the Update process. If you do so, you may corrupt the database file.” This needs to be acknowledged and then the update process commences.

9. ADDON: Update process progress system improved. Progress bar is more closely synced with the process and more informative as to what stage the Update is at. Warning message displayed during update about not removing Key.

10. ADDON: Deleted entries on MHF Campsite database are now synchronised to iCampsites USB