We have contracted a programmer for the next update to iCampsites USB to do the following:-

  1. Split screen on Search by Type with a divider between the Kilometres radio button and the 3 dropdown menu options below as these are separate search functions.
  2. Add text to the “Enter Town Name / Postcode / GPS Co-ordinates” below to say needs to have Town Name,Country or provide a dropdown to choose country next to it
  3. About Us page updated
  4. Bug where the wrong photo shows for the entry sometimes resolved.
  5. Add option of Not Known to disabled facilities when submitting a review
  6. Add a favourites page with the ability to sync with Virtual brochure on Motorhomefacts
  7. Add Morocco to flash map somehow as it is in the database but not accessible from the map view (maybe just a Country Name linked at bottom of map)
  8. Modify Update log to show how many campsites were downloaded / how many additional reviews were downloaded / any campsites that were removed)
  9. Add Link to motorhomefacts Listing as an icon or link text to each campsite entry
  10. Add Streetview option for Map view
  11. Improve Update process to minimise corruption opportunities

The contract has been tendered and work commences today with a timeline of around 15 days