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iCampsites v1.4 Approved!

That was a quick one! Probably the quickest we’ve had yet getting through the approval phase. v1.4 features an up to date rolled up database (with just over 8000 entries) and several tweaks and features added.

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Problems Updating iCampsite on your iPhone/iPod?

A few users have noted problems where there copy of the ‘app wasn’t updating and that it may show as the database having only 5000 entries (which now has 8000+!). Make sure you have updated and install the latest version of our app, now in v1.4 (with the latest database copy) and secondly start the […]

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iCampsites V1.4 In Review

We have just updated to v1.4 which includes the latest roll-up of our campsite database, now with over 8000 entries in Europe, as well as several new tweaks, enhancements and fixes. Feast your eyes over this: 1. Progress Bar / Number of Updates to download count added to update downloads allowing informed decision for the […]

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iCampsites v1.2.6 Has Been Uploaded

iCampsites v1.2.6 Has Been Uploaded with new bug fix


iCampsites v1.2.5 Now on Sale!

Finally after a further delay, due to Apples new rulings with regards to Google and the mapping software used on hand held Apple devices, iCampsites v1.2.5 is online – Better than ever! This release incorporates full iOS 4.x support so you can finally use multi tasking ¬†when using iCampsites. Perfect for situations where you wish […]

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iOS vs Andriod (iCampsites on Android?)

We’ve been having loads of questions asking about whether we would consider developing a Campsite app like iCampsites and iCampsites HD for Android based devices- well we took a look at some more stats from a website specialising in campsite information and databases, we did this to get an idea as to what sort of […]

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iCampsites Demonstration Video

Here is our first demonstration video to show useful features and updates that had been included from V1.1.

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iCampsites V1.2.5 In Review!

Campsite database search campsites on your ipad iphone ipod touch

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Mobile Campsites

Welcoming Mobile Campsites online

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