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iCampsites Android Edition Updates

We are working on a new intermediate build for Android. Covering the following: 1) Crash Logs – any crashes reported to us using the crash reporter in android will be tackled. 2) Typo in campsite view. 3) Scrolling in campsite view is difficult. Should be ready soon.

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iCampsites Android Installation Problems (With Opera)

When downloading the android iCampsites APK from Outdoor Bits using Opera you may find it being saved as a ZIP file. This is because Opera interperuts the APK file as a ZIP file due to the MIME Type in the APK file and Opera then enforcing it. To get around this problem either use an […]

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iCampsites Android QR Code

Don’t forget to spread the word, or the QR code! 😀 What is a QR Code? – Wiki Link. How can I read it? Using Google Goggles.

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iCampsites Android V1.4 Released

iCampsites Android V1.4 has been released for update and download via both Outdoor Bits and the Android Market.

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