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Freezing when logging in

When logging and trying to verify your account the application freezes. This is typically caused by overly aggressive security suites and firewalls. You will need to add the application as an exception to your firewall or security suite.

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Submitting Campsite Reviews – Delay between adding the new review and it being avaliable as an update

When submitting a new campsite review the review entry is first uploaded to our approval queue, this is done only when updating (i.e. clicking on Update). Once in our approval queue the entry will be checked and finally approved assuming the entry gains approval. Once approved it will be available as an update soon after.

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How do I update the database?

To update the database (not the application) you will need to do the following steps. 1. From the home screen (with the map and sea) click on Settings. 2. Then click on Connectivity at the top. 3. And set the Update From Date from when the Database was last updated (14 of March 2011), once […]