portable campsite databases for iphone ipad ipod and USB

Mobile campsite databases for iOS, Linux, Windows & OSX.

About iCampsites

Got problems, try the Help section (using the link on the right for software specific help) for iCampsites or post in our Forum.

Mobilecampsites.com has been founded by Fuzion Concepts Ltd to allow users to post and read updates about our new and exciting use of mobile technology, the mobile campsite database. Avaliable on iPod, iPhone, iPad and via USB Key. Each have their own characteristics with the latter supporting a much wider platform as the USB Campsite Database supports Windows, Mac OSX and  Linux. By using the Motorhome Facts Campsite Database all three applications are interlinked with continuos campsite reviews and entries updates as well as images and mapping availability depending on connectivity.

iCampsites USB is a european wide campsite finder, multi-lingual and simple use to almost any computer. Read more on iCampsites USB.

iCampsites & iCampsites HD are fully fledged European Campsite Apps for iPhones and iPads using the same shared database by the iCampsites range this app is versatile and easy to use in conjunction with your GPS device. Read more on iCampsites.

Buying iCampsites couldn’t be easier, either use the checkout process below by clicking on “Buy iCampsites USB” and following through PayPal’s checkout routine or via clicking the links on the right hand side column.

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iCampsites USB Windows Only DVD Version Coming Soon

Work has been commenced on a Windows Only DVD Version of iCampsites App

This will be based upon the highly succesfull iCampsites USB Application but will only run on Windows Platform

More news soon….

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Changes for iCampsites USB

We have contracted a programmer for the next update to iCampsites USB to do the following:-

  1. Split screen on Search by Type with a divider between the Kilometres radio button and the 3 dropdown menu options below as these are separate search functions.
  2. Add text to the “Enter Town Name / Postcode / GPS Co-ordinates” below to say needs to have Town Name,Country or provide a dropdown to choose country next to it
  3. About Us page updated
  4. Bug where the wrong photo shows for the entry sometimes resolved.
  5. Add option of Not Known to disabled facilities when submitting a review
  6. Add a favourites page with the ability to sync with Virtual brochure on Motorhomefacts
  7. Add Morocco to flash map somehow as it is in the database but not accessible from the map view (maybe just a Country Name linked at bottom of map)
  8. Modify Update log to show how many campsites were downloaded / how many additional reviews were downloaded / any campsites that were removed)
  9. Add Link to motorhomefacts Listing as an icon or link text to each campsite entry
  10. Add Streetview option for Map view
  11. Improve Update process to minimise corruption opportunities

The contract has been tendered and work commences today with a timeline of around 15 days

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iCampsites Android Edition Updates

We are working on a new intermediate build for Android.

Covering the following:

1) Crash Logs – any crashes reported to us using the crash reporter in android will be tackled.

2) Typo in campsite view.

3) Scrolling in campsite view is difficult.

Should be ready soon.

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Freezing when logging in

When logging and trying to verify your account the application freezes.

This is typically caused by overly aggressive security suites and firewalls. You will need to add the application as an exception to your firewall or security suite.

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iCampsites Android Installation Problems (With Opera)

When downloading the android iCampsites APK from Outdoor Bits using Opera you may find it being saved as a ZIP file.

This is because Opera interperuts the APK file as a ZIP file due to the MIME Type in the APK file and Opera then enforcing it.

To get around this problem either use an alternative browser or change the file type from ZIP to APK in Windows (see below).

In Windows 7 you will need to click on the start button (Windows button – Bottom Left) type Folder Options and click on Folder Options, then the Folder Options Window opens. Click on the View Tab and scroll down in the Advanced Settings pane and untick “Hide Extensions for known file types”. And click Apply.

You can now remove the .zip on the end of the file name when renaming the file.

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iCampsites Android QR Code

Don’t forget to spread the word, or the QR code! 😀
QR Code for icampsites android
What is a QR Code? – Wiki Link.

How can I read it? Using Google Goggles.

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iCampsites Android V1.4 Released

iCampsites Android V1.4 has been released for update and download via both Outdoor Bits and the Android Market.

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Installing iCampsites Android Edition

This guide will show you how to install iCampsites Android onto an Android Phone/Device using the downloaded APK file from Outdoor Bits, not via the Market. This guide was written and tested with a Samsung Galaxy S2 and Windows 7 however the concept is the same for most Android Phones and operating systems.

What you will need:

  • Your Android Phone.
  • USB Cable.
  • The APK file from Outdoor Bits.
  • A file browser app on your phone.

Step by step:

  1. Firstly enable support for installation of applications from Unknown Sources (Settings > Applications and tick Unknown Sources).
  2. Plug in the USB cable into your phone and into a free USB port into your computer.
  3. Depending on Device you may have a screen on your phone asking whether you wish to use the device as a Disk Drive or Sync or Charge Only – you will need to use Disk Drive.
  4. Once you have connected the device proceed to windows explorer or My Computer (CTRL + E as a shortcut) or your operating system equivalent. Locate your device, it may just appear as a removable drive/disk or as your phone name.Samsung Galaxy S2 in Windows Explorer
  5. Once you have found your device, double click on the icon and proceed to look for the Camera folder (where you photo’s are stored when you take pictures using the phones built in camera). Depending on device you may find that the location can be different. For example on the Samsung Galaxy S2 the pictures are stored under Phone then DCIM/Camera/.
  6. After locating the folder for your images you will need to copy the iCampsites android APK file to that folder.
  7. Once the APK file has been copied you will need to open your file browser on your phone, I will be using the standard Samsung Galaxy file browser however there are several free alternatives if your device doesn’t come with one as standard including Astro file browser.
  8. In your file browser locate the camera directory as above.
  9. Once you have navigated your way into the camera directory you will be able to find the iCampsites APK file.
  10. Tap on the APK file for iCampsites and proceed with the installation, which is guided for you by phone.
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iCampsites USB Campsite Updates

We’ve just tweaked our campsite database so that old entries are now deleted correctly.  Previously they would be deleted but would show up in the application however we have just actioned a series of updates to deleted entries that will remove the deleted entries from the database in iCampsites USB.

So now the campsite count will drop slightly for iCampsites USB users.


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iCampsites USB Version 1.3 Build 41 Avaliable!

Less than 3 months after the initial release we have finally finished the first update release for iCampsites USB.

All three versions including Mac, Windows and Linux are available to download using the updater (which will run automatically and will prompt you to update iCampsites USB when convenient).

A guide will follow in the coming days.

Change log:

1. BUGFIX: Clicking on the county of Rutland in offline mode gives no results, clicking on the county of Rutland in online mode (google mapping) shows a map of Rutland in the USA and not Rutland in the UK

2. BUGFIX: Clicking on the France map and then on the region “Haute Normandie” shows a map of a region to the east of Strasbourg, in offline mode it shows 0 results

3. BUGFIX: Free text search for campsite name in search by filter produces incorrect results

4. ADDON: Combined Belgium regions as online database only supports Belgium country.

5. ADDON: “Update from” date set in Settings->Connectivity is now set to the date of last update

6. ADDON: Changed the google map icons to be different colours / different icons for the different types of sites. Added an “Icon Key” Button which if the user presses it will show a small popup window with the different icon colours and what each icon represents.

7. ADDON: Added a popup message when user closes the app to say “Please wait…. Checking if new version of iCampsites is available”.

8. ADDON: Added a warning message when the user clicks on the Update button to say the following: “Please do not disconnect iCampsites USB Key from your computer during the Update process. If you do so, you may corrupt the database file.” This needs to be acknowledged and then the update process commences.

9. ADDON: Update process progress system improved. Progress bar is more closely synced with the process and more informative as to what stage the Update is at. Warning message displayed during update about not removing Key.

10. ADDON: Deleted entries on MHF Campsite database are now synchronised to iCampsites USB

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